Friday, May 29, 2009

Holidays are Here!

Dear Lasalllians,

How time flies! I am sure you are all glad that the holidays are finally here.

While you enjoy the rest and fun during the holidays, do find time to brush up on areas that you are weaker in. Be mindful that PSLE is just round the corner.

For most of you, comprehension open-ended is a major area of weakness. Thorough annotation of the passage and questions will help you understand better. Identifying the tense of the verb in the question and writing it above the verb helps you to answer the question in the correct tenses. Writing down the tense to answer in is crucial because it serves as a reminder. Trivial as it might sound, it is effective and essential. This helps when you are checking too!

As some of you might already know, there are by far four confirmed cases of H1N1 Influenza A. Hence, in your moments of rest and recreation, practise a high standard of hygiene and avoid crowded places.

For those of you who were not in school today, these are the items that you will need for English Supplementary Class next week:
1. Pencil Case
2. Water Bottle
3. Money for Recess
4. English PSLE Booklet
5. Pink File (with all writing assignments filed in)
6. Blue File (with all worksheets, practice papers, CA1 and SA1 Booklet A and B filed in)
7. School Diary

See you all next week.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Susan Boyle: Have You Heard Her Yet?

Have you heard Susan Boyle sing? Susan Boyle became famous overnight after participating in Britain's Got Talent - a singing competition in Britain. Some Lasallians asked me to show her video during music lessons. She is so famous now even the teachers are talking about her in school. Many people were surprised that she could sing so well although she is not good-looking. Thus, reinforcing the idea that we should never judge a book by its cover.

However, what struck me most was the fact that she had totally no idea how good she is! Notice the expression of shock and disbelief on her face when she got the approval of all three judges?

It took her so many years to be affirmed of her talents. She never expected her singing to be able to receive such favourable feedback from the stringent panel of judges. More importantly, she did not expect her singing to touch the hearts of so many people.

Lasallians, many of you are like her. You have many hidden talents, waiting to be discovered and developed. In fact, many of you do not realise how good you actually are.

Some of you may think that you are weak in certain areas, but if you are willing to work hard and put in your best effort, you will discover that you are not as weak as you think you are.

Believe in yourself, and what you are capable of doing. You are a treasure cove with many treasures.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Ways to Protect Yourself against Viruses

Dear Lasallians,

Although we do not know the causes of the H1N1 virus, we should take basic steps in ensuring good health of ourselves and those around us. These are some basic tips I have mentioned in class:

1. Flush the toilet after using it.
2. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap after using the toilet, playing in the field, P.E. lessons and before and after meals.
3. Cover your mouth when you need to cough or sneeze.
4. Avoid direct contact of your fingers with your eyes, nose and mouth.
5. Do not share utensils with anyone.
6. Monitor your own temperature. If you do not feel well, visit a doctor and rest at home.

Do visit the blog regularly for more updates.

Keep well,
Miss Sng