Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Happy Children's Day!

Dearest Children,

Happy Children's Day! I hope you enjoyed the day. As Mr Kelvin Lee said, we hope you have your children's day your way!

I want to specially thank Hong Xuan, Casandra, Saravanan, Yue Ting and Yu Xiang for helping to distribute the cake to the rest of the class this morning. I see a lot of initiative in you and am so proud of you.

As promised, the photos we took this morning are posted here. Feel free to download.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I Just Want to Say...

Dearest Iggies,

I just want to say that I AM VERY PROUD OF ALL OF YOU!

I must say that most of you have improved tremendously over the years. If you keep track of your English results from CA1 to Prelims. You will be pleasantly surprise, just as I did.

We are a matter of weeks away from PSLE. It is truly the last lap of the race. Hang in there. In your free time and on weekends, keep revising and practising all the strategies that I have taught you - Annotation for Compre OE, key words and multiple-possible answers for cloze passage, story plan (action and feelings) for composition etc.

Keep working on it and you will see the results. All of you have the potential to excel and I want to celebrate with you the day you receive your results. Remember, keep your morale and confidence high, stay motivated, and go all out to do your best! Still remember the stories of Team Hoyt and Nick Vujicic? If they can accomplish so much in life, you can too!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bring Thermometer Everyday

Dear Iggies,

You will find the travel plan form in the parent notification today. Please get your parents to fill in the form and return it tomorrow. All forms must be returned, even if you are not travelling.

Please start to bring your thermometer to school everyday. Temperature will be taken on the first day of term 4.