Monday, August 31, 2009

Thank You!

Dear Children,

Thank you very much for all your wishes, gifts and the surprise party. It was truly surprising. Although the timing did not fit my time-table very well, I appreciate the efforts and thoughts.

Do remember to come in your PE attire tomorrow for the health check-up.

Miss Sng

Friday, August 28, 2009

Health Check-Up on 2 September 2009, Wednesday

Dear Iggies,

You are scheduled for the health check-up on 2 September 2009, Wednesday. Please remember to come in your PE attire on that day.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

One Down!

Dear Lasallians,

Congratulations! You have successfully completed your oral examinations. It is now time to focus on your written papers.

Listening Comprehension
Generally, most of you did well for Listening Comprehension at Prelims. Listening Comprehension tests your ability to listen out for information accurately. Ensure that you are not complacent (do not take it too lightly) and consider all the options before choosing the correct answer.

Situational Writing
Formats, Tone and Language
Start familiarising yourself with the different formats that we have learnt so far. The tone and language used for each text must be suitable for the reader of your text. Always consider the purpose of your writing and the person whom the writing is for.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Things to Remember for Oral Examination

Dear Lasallians,

Please remember to do the following for your oral examination on Thursday and Friday:

1. Memorise your PSLE index number

2. Ensure that you look presentable. I cannot emphasise this any further. First impressions count! Please make sure that your hair is neat and short (for the boys) or neatly tied and clipped (for girls with long hair). Your uniforms should be clean, ironed and tucked in neatly.

3. Avoid all kinds of spicy, oily and heaty food from now till Friday.

4. Sleep early on Wednesday night. Sufficient rest helps you to think better. When you think better, your thoughts are clearer and you will speak logically.

5. Greet the teachers politely. Introduce yourselves (say your name and PSLE index number).

6. Read fluently. Pronounce the end consonants such that they can be heard. Be expressive!

7. Always start with an introduction to the setting of the picture. Talk about the picture by describing, giving your personal opinions, and giving reasons for those opinions.

8. Elaborate on every part of the picture.

9. End the picture discussion with an appropriate conclusion. Use themes or values shown in the picture to summarise your picture discussion.

10. Always look at the examiners for conversation. Speak clearly and do not mumble. Make sure you project your voice so that the examiners can hear you clearly.

11. Never stop at one-word responses. Elaborate on your responses. Link your ideas to other relevant ideas.

12. Talk about your experiences or those you have heard about from your families and friends.

13. Before leaving the examination room, thank the teachers.

Things to bring on both days of the examination:
1. Thermometer
2. Water bottle
3. Storybook / revision materials / assignments to be done while waiting
4. Examination entry proof

I trust that all of you will do your best.

Miss Sng

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bring Your Health Booklets next Tuesday

Dear Lasallians,

The annual health screening in school is round the corner. I will be collecting your health booklets next week to prepare for the screening. Please bring it next Tuesday, 11 August, when you return from the National Day holidays.

Meanwhile, enjoy the long weekend. It's a brief respite before PSLE.

Miss Sng

Monday, August 3, 2009

Please do CCA Survey on Ask and Learn

Dear Iggies,

Please do the CCA survey on ask and learn by tomorrow, 4 August.

You should be able to find the survey under the 'survey' section when you log into your ask and learn account.